Blame it on the sunshine & the pretty little bluebells that have made an appearance in my garden, but I am feeling suddenly spring like (oh please let this finally be the begining at last)...

Well Ive had a busy few days, the surveyor came round to inspect my house yesterday & today my purchaser came to see me to go over what I would be leaving behind. It was the first time the realisation of me actually moving hit me & I have to say I had a bit of a wobble. I really did not like this family of strangers walking round my house & measuring up it was horrible the feeling that this is really not my house anymore, not for much longer anyway. I wanted to cry its been my home for over 10 years & I have loved it here so this is a big (well HUGE actually) step for me. Ill be moving in with my partner until the end of the year when we will then sell his house to find a family home together. I did get the jitters about giving up my little security blanket I have to say, but I am incredibly excited about everything too. I cant wait to be able to wake up with Neil every day. It was just a little moment of sadness at the thought of letting go of a faze of my life that got me all chocked up. But enough mushy stuff that sun is shining & the vibrant colour of those bluebells are so gorgeous time to start thinking of bold colours & floral patterns. I thought I would share these fun conservatories & get excited about the thought of sunday afternoons chilling with a glass of wine & enjoying the sunshine. Fun pops of colour teamed with greenery to put a smile on everyones faces. Enjoy the weekend all xx

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