Mexican cocktails
I am throwing a mexican evening on friday with a group of friends its a bit of a leaving do in my house before the big move next month. I thought it would be nice idea to have a bit of a party theme for our dinner party to mark this fond farewell. I love mexican food & Im rather partial to the cocktails as well so thought it would be a fun theme to go with.  Im cooking a mexican chicken ring as well as the usual chilli con carne & rice dishes. I have a few games lined up but I am open to any suggestions anyone has & I am in search of a pinyata (it wouldnt be a mexican party without one would it). There will be plenty of fruit too (not just for the cocktails either, we have to keep up with our 5 a day after all).  I spied this wonderful display idea over on Adaanddarcy recently & I thought I would give it a whirl. It will be a fun addition to the table dont you think? With the sun now shining as well I am certainly in the spirit of things. I would love to hear about what you are all up to & any party themes you have had recently. Any table scape shots from your parties feel free to email me & ill happily feature them here next week with a link back to your pages. Any royal wedding celebrations?

Image source - addaanddarcy