Well my big move is apon me & all is a bit mental right now, my buyers have put forward a date for less than 2 weeks (yes that soon) & so panic has set in as a mad dash of packing & moving bits to Neils is about to commence. On top of this work seems extremely busy at the moment & time away from the office to pack isnt likely. The thought of having to box up the last 11 years of my life is already causing my blood pressure to sky rocket & my palms to sweet!!! I will be glad when it is all over with, although knowing that this is only a temporary move & we have to do all this again has the possiblity of tipping me over the edge. Well anyway finding time to blog in the next couple of weeks is going to be a little tough. But luckily for me the very lovely Hannah Stewart from The Writting Branch has been kind enough to step in & guest blog for me. Hannah has recently graduated with a degree in English and American Literature and has also gone on to do the NCTJ journalism qualification. She has recently set up her own freelance company The Writing Branch. Not only is she is a very talented writter but Hannah is also an incredibly lovely person to meet. After meeting her recently at a networking event we got chatting & later caught up over coffee. She is just the sweetest person & I am so excited about her guest blogging for me over the coming weeks. So I hope you will look after my guest when she stops by.