Want to create a festive Christmas table but lost for inspiration or not wanting to spend a fortune buying decorations in? Well here's some easy ideas to get you started. How about filling wine glasses with baubles, add some curling ribbon or even sprigs of holly. 


You could instead fill a large glass bowl with baubles & make it a centre piece to your table or how about filling wine glasses with sweets, candy canes especially have a festive feel. Coloured beads are also a eye catching idea.

Lanterns are becoming a popular theme so if you have some around the house or garden already why not use them as table decorations, add sprigs of holly & pine cones to your display to complete the festive look.

Festive red coloured fruit also makes an eye catching centrepiece & has the benefit of being edible. Red apples & grapes are a wonderful choice as they are great to accompany your cheese & biscuits.

Make the most out of nature by using evergreen branches, pinecones or berries, after all they are free. Sprinkle cranberries randomly across the table amongst candles & votive's & pinecones. Fill vases with cranberries, you can add fresh flowers as well if you wish. If you don't have any vases around then why not use wine or milk bottles for a simple look. 

I love how these twigs have been used to make candle holders, another great way of using what is free & natural to create your tablescape.

Finally these glasses simply turned upside down over sprigs of holly become quirky candle holders. Hope these simple ideas are enough to get you started.