lightbulb vase

The sun is shining & the blosom is appearing on the trees & its all making me think of beautiful spring flowers to cheer everything up. Flowers are as they say the costume jewelry of your home. When you walk into a room with beautiful, brightly coloured flowers it certainly lifts the mood of the room. Whether you just want to add a bit of self- expression & cheerfulness into a room or you are looking to make a lasting impression on a potential house buyer there is nothing quite as inviting as the fresh aroma & beautiful colours of flowers to hit the right tone. There is so many different ideas on displaying your gorgeous arrangements, whether you use a simple & plain vase or a brightly painted one, choose one that works with the room.

You can use milk bottles or wine bottles, jars, candle holders to teapots, whatever takes your fancy really. A row of bottles is a lovely idea, each with an individual flower. Be creative.  For table settings have fun with several different sized vases to vary the height of your table decorations. I like to use lots of little votives with small flower heads in, simple but effective.

 It really is the finishing touches add the wow factor!

images all sourced from pinterest