Morning all & happy friday too you & here we are again with Friends Feature Friday & we have some more colour inspiration today as Laura from Dreambox Interior Design joins us to guest post with her Colour Psycology series. Enjoy & have a great weekend
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Title: Colour Psychology - Purple

I have currently been working on a new project for an award winning beauty salon in Suffolk, which has inspired this months colour psychology post. Purple!

Purple is strongly associated with royalty and wealth, symbolising extravagence and richness making it a perfect choice for clients looking for glamour, luxury and sophistication.

Grey and taupe shades compliment this colour beautifully and enhance that feeling of glamour and luxury and the darker the shades the more sultry and mysterious.

Because purple is a symbolic color in religions across many cultures and eras it is also known to portray feelings of spirituality, serenity and thoughtfulness, perfect for bedrooms!

Tip: To avoid overpowering a room with purple, use it as an accent colour.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Laura. x
Dream Box Interior Design