I desperatley need a proper working space at home, simply sitting at the dining room table doesnt quite cut it for me. I need an inspiring space to help me concentrate. A little corner tucked away somewhere where I can spreed out my moodboards & samples & not have to keep sweeping them up for meal times. A pin board on the wall above my desk with inspirational images of things I like. (You know where I am coming from here)
My own little space, well I am still dreaming this is somwething that needs to be worked on but here's some of my favourites I picked out from house to home.

White home office | Small home office | Classic desk | Image | Housetohome
Decorating with pattern | Home office | Design ideas | Image | Housetohome
Modern studio home office | Home office idea | Home office | Image | Housetohome
Statement home office | Modern home office | Modern desk | Image | Housetohome
Vibrant home office | Colourful home office idea | Home office furniture | Image | Housetohome